Wednesday, September 19

Unconscious Art Winner!

It appears the winner of this week's contest is fellow student Chris! I don't think anyone had a chance at beating Chris' idea to use bright and colorful playdoh.

  6 (75%)
  2 (25%)
  0 (0%)

With playdoh in mind, I really want to comment on the fact that Chris took the asked of sculpture - which Jess and I were both attempting to work with, and he simplified it down to a one step process (as in, no molding, wire structure, etc.), by just saying 'screw it' and using a different material that will pretty much offer the same out come.

I don't know about Jess, but I might do trial sculptures out of playdoh in the future. This might come in handy, especially since I'm planning on starting a labor intensive series of human figures in the near future, and of course, because I hate myself, the pose of the body is the most  important aspect of the sculptures.

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