Friday, September 7

Introducing: Samm (Aka Panda)

We at Craft Battles have a textile friend named Samm (Aka Panda) that's participated in the first two battles now. Since it appears she's going to be here for the long term, we decided we should introduce her! In the future some posts by her will probably pop up too.

Who is the Artist:

Hey all! My name is Samm, aka Panda. I’m a 19 years-old art student at OCAD in Toronto, where I also currently reside! I’m in my second year of Illustration, but I also like to sew plush toys and create sculpey creatures.

I’m a House Manager/Head Bitch at Campus Co-op, and I love my job! But I also love to draw, paint, sew, clean, eat (lots!), pandas, owls, animal crossing and ramen noodles. My favourite restaurant here in ye olde TO is currently Future Bakery and CafĂ© – they have some meaaaaannn apple pancakes.

Oh, and the family dog Maia is the love of my life (besides Mike) and her face is the inspiration behind much of my work:


My goals kind of change every 30 minutes. Some days I want to start a plushie company, some days I want to make awesome illustrations for people, and other days I want to work for a kick-ass design firm. Maybe become a tattoo artist! Or design furniture or vinyl toys. ANYWAYS you can see my list of potential goals is great and varied. Hopefully my time at OCAD will help me narrow down the list!

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