Wednesday, September 12

End of Battle 03: Unconcsious Art!

<- Please vote for the Unconscious Battle piece that you think is the best using this poll!

Voting will run until Sunday September 9th at Midnight (-5 GMT)

The Unconscious Battle is OVER so let's check out our entries! I hope they're all very inspiring!

1) Chris

I've been wanting to try this in 3D.  So Here is Unconscious 3D #1.
Here are the rules I set for my self.
Get 3 colour of play-d... er um... modelling clay. :P
1) Tear off colour #1 (red)
     -knead and squash it using only the tips of my fingers (without 
looking at it).
     -Stick down on the base (without looking at it).
2) Repeat with colour #2 (yellow)
3) Repeat with colour #3 (orange)
4) repeat (after a few minutes look and see if it's big enough)
Like everything thing in life, it's best to not have too many rules. :D

2) Jessie

The 'Owl Face'
For my unconscious piece I decided to just smoosh the tinfoil together into an interesting shape (which turned out to be a ball with random flattened sides and random curves protruding from it). I covered it in masking tape trying to show off the curves and make them more prominent. I then covered it in a thin layer of clay and I liked the curves so I tried to work with them. I didn't have any of my tools or really anything except my hands to work with the clay (First week back at school with only the essentials). In the end I think it looks somewhat like a barn owl head with fins! Through the whole process I didn't think about what I was making, I just did what felt right.

3) Nikki

I had technical difficulties this time around, so clearly I'm not going to be the winner ): I made a couple of waxes and a clay piece using the unconscious process, and while I'm sure they'll look wonderful in glass, they of course look hideous in their unfinished material. What's my excuse? Our de-steamer was broken so I couldn't de-mold any of my pieces (the ones I've started casting from '31 Days of Wax'). The shortest program I've ever created for kilncasting is over 48 hours, and actually takes a lot longer than that to cool down, so by the time the de-steamer was fixed, it was too late for me! Alas, woe is me. I will, however, be very happy to know someone else will definitely win, because I like writing about other people, and I love their pieces far more than I do my own!

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