Wednesday, September 26

End of Battle 04: World Issues!

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This has been another long and trying week for both Jessie and I. It's really hard to believe that two weeks has already gone by since I last freaked out because I am terrible at keeping track of time. School is clearly overwhelming for the both of us so we will have to brainstorm an adjusted schedule for our competitions, we've barely found time to talk this whole month though, so finding the time to reschedule things may be impossible! Haha, I'm sure we'll manage somehow though, right Jess? Right Nikki :D

1) Nikki

My goal for this battle was to kilncast a penguin and enamel black onto him. I very recently discovered that enamels aren't something you can just get perfect the first time around though, and so I settled on staining my penguin with india ink, which is just fine with me because I've used it before and I love it! He'll need a couple more coats before his black is through and through, you can tell on the images that he is still a little splotchy. He's also quite intriguing to photograph (in a fun way), so I'm thinking clear X opaque color is a good direction to head towards in the future. I'm happy I figured that out, because it makes these battles so worth while, and as I said in school today during a presentation, no matter how bogged down and overwhelmed I am feeling (which is a ton, every damn day), it's nice to know that I will always create one thing, even if it is just every two weeks. And even if it is not a serious piece, like one I would enter into my final critiques or the art show, I still love what I make.

2) Jessie

My piece was focusing on an issue I read awhile back and haven't forgotten. Last year sometime, I read about how polar bears were drowning from a lack of sea ice because of global warming. This image of a polar bear drowning is a strong one for me. Because of that I was a bit torn and I was headed in two different directions with this piece. I could go the serious route and create a dramatic piece of a literal interpretation or I could go for the lighter route that is cute but it has a measure. I decided (since I haven't got using resin down yet) to go with the latter. I was trying to think of how they might solve this issue... A few things I thought up were (warning some are a bit silly); make giant ice cubes and drop them into the water, make bear platforms where they could rest on after a long swim and finally equip every bear with a PFD (Personal Flotation Device)! And that is basically how my bear in his life jacket was created. He is make with sculpey original over my usual armature. I spend a whooping 5-6 hours on him. He isn't done, I will need to add a few glaze coats on him and I might drill him into a stand because he has some trouble standing.

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