Friday, September 14

Battle 04: Start!

New Battle Theme: Global Issues!

You may be thinking, "What the heck kind of theme is that?" but I really think it's one every one can relate to! Whether it's oil, plastic surgery, rich people, abused kittens, forestry, or global warming, I think just about everyone has an opinion about at least one global issue!

I personally wouldn't think of this piece as a heavy, serious, "How do I convey all my disappointment in this situation," sort of thing, that might be a little bit too heavy. Instead, I have approached this challenge from the point of view of, "If I were going to donate a piece of art to one of my favorite causes, what would I make?"

I actually have a whole slew of things I'd want to make, from something as simple as a black and clear penguin for global warming, to a realistic, skillfully crafted foot, with the last one or two toes butchered off by the saw (people actually do that you know!).

In our discussions of plastic surgery issues, Jessie and I have created a whole page of amusing pieces that comment on how silly plastic surgery is. From a bear with absurdly long teeth to a peacock with a neon spray painted tail, we've covered every animal we can think of (which actually wasn't that many).

This week, if you haven't noticed, there is no image, as my computer is on the verge of death, so I am very afraid to try and run photoshop (yes that is what I make my silly doodles in). Once everything is copacetic I'll edit a photo into this post :)!

I'm not sure what Jessie is making for this competition, so I can't wait to see!

As a side note: Returning visitors may or may not have noticed that we've been attempting to post at 10:00 AM (-5GMT) - in my brain that equates to people being able to check a new post during a lunch break. It may or may not have also been noticed that we have run late on a few posts, due to the start of school. With this in mind, I'm going to change the official posting time to 1:00 PM (-5GMT), because I am responsible for the battle-related posts and my morning classes finish at Noon, so even if I forget to hit 'Schedule' the night before, it's okay!


Jessie Kenel said...

I was thinking of doing a drowning polar bear or a polar bear with no ice to hold onto. I am not sure though, I am still experimenting with resin and having little luck!

SilverMoon Dragon said...

Ooh, will have to put my thinking cap on for this one. As a side not, you can schedule posts as far in advance as you want you know - it doesn't have to be the night before. I like to have a buffer of a week or two, so that if I get sick or busy I don't have to stress.

Nikki Nasvytis said...

Oh yes we do schedule ahead of time, but we can't do it for the 'Battle End' post, which is what I forgot this week. For some reason I thought it ended Friday instead of Wednesday!

And think up something fun :) I'm sure you can. Even if it were like, a knitted hat of the globe.