Monday, September 3

10, 000 Hours!

Most everyone that I talk to knows about the '10,000 hours' rule, right? However I always find someone new who hasn't heard of this rule and this infographic lays out the information rather beautifully, so I thought I'd share it!

I have decided, as of reading this infographic actually, that I want to try to tailor this blog so it aids with the 7 cheat rules and can help people with the 5 pointers of deliberate practice! My rough draft goes as follows;

7 Cheats:
1) Get a coach
So far we have three regular artists battling/appearing on this blog, all of which use different medias and styles. That should help to offer a range of coach-able areas.

2) Surround yourself with like minded individuals.
We on this blog are definitely like minded but open when it comes to arts and crafts, so you can probably bond with us on some level.

3) Build expert habits.
Does the habit of creating a new and different sculpture every 13 days count as good? I think so.

4) Don't waste time on the small stuff.
We can't help you with this. We don't know what the 'small things' we shouldn't post about are, but we'll do our best!

5) Deliberately practice.
If you're honestly interested in the work you're doing, we're hoping Craft Battles will help people get some good practice in.

6) Teach others.
We're trying to teach you guys, so that helps us. If you'd like to try and teach others, feel free to submit some posts or tutorials to get your teacher-ball rolling. (Teacher-ball?)

7) Find someone to kick your butt if you fall off track.
We can't give you any penalties if you don't compete or keep on top of your art. However if you become a regular here we'll do our best to chew your ear off about it!

We'll do our best to help you with the seven cheats, but putting this blog aside, can you map out a way to accomplish each cheat on your own? I think it will be really helpful to have a game plan for those cheats, to keep you from counting down the hours from 10,000 and accidentally practicing yourself into a rut!

Also, yes if you didn't notice this post is a little more for us than it is for you guys, but if we can't tell you how we plan on offering artistic assistance, than we might not be doing things right.

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