Friday, September 28

Battle 05: Start!

New Battle Theme: Fall!

(Temporary photo)

If you aren't sure what that means, don't worry, I'm not sure either, this theme is all Jessie! Off my cuff I imagine that anything autumn themed would win the battle this time around. It could have pretty orange leaves, a pumpkin, a turkey (for thanksgiving), or anything else that you relate to fall!

Personally I find such an open ended theme to be a little bit difficult, so assuming Jess already has an idea (it is her theme after all), she's probably a good step or two ahead of me. If I can't think of a representational sculpture to do, I could always take this as a good moment in time to go into the abstract (as long as I throw some leaves into whatever I make it will be fine, right?).

This battle starts today; Friday, September 28, 2012
And it ends; Wednesday, October, 10, 2012


Jessie Kenel said...

Actually I have no clue! :P I just love Autumn its my favourite season. You could pretty much do anything; a piece that uses all fall colours, something to do with leaves, animals starting to get ready for the big hibernation, pumpkins and thanksgiving. I am not yet sure what I am doing, but it seemed fun.

Nikki Nasvytis said...

Oh! I made my first glass pumpkin on Thursday - I can't tell which one it is though (we have too many), so if I get really stuck I can just make another pumpkin, heheh.