Wednesday, September 5


Today's mini-post is on the sculpture Expansion by Paige Bradley. [Website]

Doesn't this make you go, "What the hell is going on, this is awesome!"

The moment Jessie shared this photo with me a mad dash started to find more information on the sculpture. How were those cracks lit up? Were they lined with mirrors that were catching the light off the camera? That's what I thought anyway, because I assumed it was a solid stone sculpture, turns out it's actually hollow bronze!

Admittedly I think the cone of light takes away from the sculpture a bit.

The story, as it seems to go, is that Paige was having issues upon her arrival to Manhattan due to the curator's and critic's anti-figure stance. In a moment of what I would refer to as insanity, she took a beautiful wax that she had spent months working on and dropped it! I'm glad she did though, because what the sculpture would have been is nothing compared to what it is now. She cast the broken pieces separately and had someone help her patch them back together and rig lighting to run throughout the body. I can't imagine this concept making as perfect an impact with any pose other than one conveying a state of meditation of prayer. Maybe I'm just short sighted though? I wish she would do more of these sculptures, but if it were me I'd be afraid of playing the same tune twice.

I'm sure there is a very great moral behind this piece that I should be elaborating on, something to the extent of;
- Don't be afraid to REALLY push yourself
- Don't get attached to your art, if it breaks, it breaks
- When you've hit a dead end, do something crazy to pull yourself out of the funk

Do you have anything else to add to that list? I'm sure there's lots of advice to take from Expansion's story.

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