Friday, August 3

Grand Opening: Battle Number 01!

Welcome to the very first Craft Battle between Jessie and Nikki! To get our motivation rolling the very first theme will be based on a sculpture that Jessie has been working on in her spare time.

Battle Theme: Dinosaurs!

Start: Friday August 3rd, 2012
End: Wednesday August 15th, 2012

If anyone would like to compete in this battle check out the four handy Battle Guidelines.

While we're working hard on our dinosaurs we'll post some biographies, tutorials and other art-related information that we find interesting/inspiring, so feel free to stick around!

If, like myself, you only remember to check half of your bookmarked links, then feel free to like our new page on Facebook. Every time we make a new blog post we'll post an update and link on Facebook just for you! Facebook: Craft Battles.

Happy battling!

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