Wednesday, August 8

Nikki's Bio

Caring about my hair color, because that's my version of a cigarette addiction.

Howdy everyone and welcome to the post where I get to talk all about myself! You may not want to read our bios, but we figured someone might want to know who's ordering them to sculpt like their life depends on it.

Who Am I? I am a 21 year old, slightly OCD college student. I love my hair and wearing cat ears - both offer a silent warning that says, "If you think this is weird, we won't get along." Above all I think that learning, furthering yourself and having life experiences are the most important things out there. I'm set to go to Spain, Ireland, Africa, Germany, and Japan or London with friends, to make sure I'm not the only one getting an international life experience. I really like to ramble and share stories because I get extremely excited and passionate about what I'm talking about, so, you're warned.

Education I took Sheridan's Art Fundamentals course and I suggest these types of courses for people who;
a) Don't know what media they want to focus on, or
b) Simply need some practice and to pick up some really good art pointers! Seriously, I rock the color theory spectrum now.
I'm going into my final year of glass, it's sad and scary, and I have to choose one of four education paths to pursue afterward. Pro tip for art school: Make as many mistakes as you can, as soon as possible.

Goals Clearly, I want to do something big with my art, I have to, and I will. I also love kids and teaching people in general though, which leads me to desire an elusive teaching job instead of being an artist that travels the globe (I do want to do glass work in every continent, and then in as many countries as possible though). If I taught, I would want to be a new-age teacher, using hands-on activities, real life experience and videogame designed courses to enthrall everyone. This is a good time to note that I watch a lot of TED Talks, and a good chunk regale you on the innovative teaching methods people use. Also, I always say that my dream studio/home will be next door to Jessie's home in the country. There are a ton of things I want to do with my life, and if they are all possible, I don't think I have the organizational skills to make it happen.

Finally, this is my cat Amoke and I love her a lot more than I love most of you, sorry.
But just look at how freaking cute she is!

Actually, finally finally I'm going to leave some links on this page to different websites of mine. Aside from Blogger's kiln programs and notes of success/failure, the rest of the sites are simply hubs for photo sharing. Everyone has a preference right?

Glassables: Blogger

Glassables: Tumblr

Glassable: Etsy - An inactive account owns my name ):

Glassables: Pinterest

Glassables Art: Brand Yourself

And of course I'm part owner in;

Craft Battles: Blogger

Craft Battles: Facebook

Why did I add those last two links? Because Brand Yourself, a site which I am a part of, seems pretty insistent that the key to high results on Google is to link your respective websites together as much as possible, as well as name drop as much as is humanly possibly.

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