Wednesday, August 22

The World of Miniatures / Battle 1 Winner

The results for the first craft battle are as follows:

Jessie (Velociraptor)
  11 (26%)
Nikki (Triceratops)
  16 (38%)
Ducky (Spike from MLP)
  14 (33%)
Panda (Dino plushie)
  1 (2%)

And the winner is, Nikki's Triceratops! Not sure how that happened.
In the case that either Jessie or Nikki should win a battle, we'll be giving you a random post instead of an interview, because you already know about us. Now, Jessie's random post:

First off, I want to give a big Hurrah! For Nikki and I have reached 1k views in less than one month! :D Thats very exciting for us and we had a mini celebration squee to celebrate. Now all we need to work on is more comments! Hint hint :P (You don't have to have an account to comment - Nikki)

Alright getting back down to business, a few days ago I eavesdropped overheard some lady talking about her art while on the bus. She was telling her friends how she was recently talking to someone and was going to get featured in their magazine. By this point, I was fairly interested and imagined what sort of art she dabbled in. Finally she mentioned what her craft was... Miniature Art. This answer shocked me and I immediately realized that my knowledge could be measured as little to none. When thinking of miniature art I first think of those miniature food items (such as tiny waffles or bento boxes) that I often see on craft sites. I decided to google miniature sculptures and was delighted by what I found. Below are three artists that stood out to me the most. :)

Christopher Boffoli 

Christopher is a photographer, writer, artist and filmmaker who is based in Seattle. The following pieces are from his Big Appetites series of fine art photographs. His motivation is definitely something I can relate to, since it is the reason why I love miniature things. Basically he was fascinated by tiny objects with great detail and as a child he collected model rail roads and built model vehicles.

It was so like Patty. Right idea. Wrong execution.

422 days without an accident at the chocolate quarry.    

Dalton M. Ghetti

Mr. Ghetti was born and raised in Brazil, but has lived in the U.S. since 1985. He is a self-taught artist who is a carpenter and  home modeler by trade. He finds sharpening pencils to be therapeutic and enjoys doing so as his hobby. Visit his site for some more info :)

Hand Saw
Hand Saw
Chain Print

Willard Wigan

I love this guys story. I am just going to quote directly from his website.

“It began when I was five years old,” says Willard. “I started making houses for ants because I thought they needed somewhere to live. Then I made them shoes and hats. It was a fantasy world I escaped to. That’s how my career as a micro-sculptor began.”

He said it perfectly, miniature sculptures really do give me a feeling of fantasy and childish whimsy. I love them. You can listen to Willard's TEDTalk where he goes over how through his hard life he was able to find his love of  'micro-sculpting'. (I love Will's story - Nikki)

Star Wars

Nine Camels
 So although I guess I shouldn't eavesdrop, but at least something really cool came out of it. I hope you enjoyed our walk through the world of miniatures. :)

Note: I am not sure if there is a direct difference between 'micro-sculptures' and miniature sculptures, so sorry if there is.

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