Friday, August 17

Battle 02 Start!

Alright, we're already on to our second craft battle and gosh I am just so excited! The details are as follows;

Battle Theme: Fantasy Creatures

Start: Friday August 17th, 2012
End: Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

As always if you would like to show off your fine work on this blog after the craft battle is finished, please remember to check out and follow our simple rules.

I'll let you know right now that my inspiration started off as simple as 'dragon' but my concept for style led me to reminisce about Mulan. And you know what? Having a solid reference seems to be extremely helpful, instead of pushing myself to fabricate my own style out of thin air, I'm planning on starting with a Mulan stylized creature, then the more sketches and/or pieces I make, the more I can tweak the style into my own. It makes life a whole lot easier!

Anyway, rambling aside, I hope you ponder some fun fantasy creatures today, maybe do some research into the less known ones?

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