Wednesday, August 15

End of Battle 01

Now let's see our Dinosaurs!

You probably can't guess yet but I am extremely excited for this post! But first, an important note regarding submissions:

Now, for the time being we've realized that having the battle End on the 13th day, means people really only get 12 days to work on a battle, and that last day might be important to some busy people. So, until we figure out a better arrangement, artists are free to submit their pieces to us at any time on the 13th/End Battle day, and we will edit them into the post. However, if you are ready to go before the 13th, please e-mail us your photos and blurb ASAP! It's appreciated :)

I am wagering that Jessie's amazing Veolciraptor kicks my dinosaur's butt clear out of the water.
I'm so proud of her! Her level of detail is so high that she always has an open offer from me to sculpt something in clay or wax, and then have me cast it for her. Of course, she's too lame to take me up on it ):

1) Jessie

Presenting.... Velcro the Trolling Velociraptor! He is constructed from a mixture of Super Sculpey and Sculpey Original (terra cotta) clay. His armature is made up of masking tape, tin foil and floral wire. And he was painted with an airbrush. He has around 24 hours of pure work into him. 
Velcro was a character that my friend and I made, we graduate in December so I decided to make something special for her.The story behind Velcro is that he really isn't a Velociraptor, rather he is a Deinonychus. However, thanks to Jurassic Park people think this is what velociraptors looked like. So my friend and I made this character who pretended to be a Velociraptor (hence the trolling). I also sculpted him a small feather (since real Velociraptors have feathers), it is the little blue thing he is holding.
I loooove how he turned out :)

2) Nikki

As a kiln caster, I think it's important for me to focus on detail. When I think up a piece I have to reason why I want to cast it, versus flame working or hot sculpting it - and nine times out of ten the reason falls to the level of detail I can use. Then Jess came out and strutted her stuff with Velcro and I went, "Damn, I'm going to really have to step up my detail and start enameling some damn color in there!" I've made a few dinosaur waxes since laying eyes on Velcro, and let me tell you, I think they are already visually improved.

His horns are electroplated and he's been sandblasted to help bring out the detail in the clear glass. He probably took me three hours to make. Then again, I did have a lot of trouble finding a way to have the copper tie only to his horns. When I made a Stegosaurus the copper crawled down all the way to his leg! So I knew I had to be more careful.

3) Ducky (Check out her Blog) Spike may be a dragon and not a dinosaur, but I happen to be 100% convinced that dragons were pterodactyls, so it's okay.

This is my Spike iPhone case! I bought this cross stitch case earlier this year and it seemed like it was time to switch out the art in it. The character I chose is Spike from My Little Pony because isn't he just so darn cute? It took me about an hour or so and I simply used embroidery floss and a blunt cross stitching needle. The only thing I would change about this is the color of the case because some of the colors don't stand out very well on the black background. Thanks for looking :)

4) Panda  Adorable! :)

My name's Panda, and this is my submission for Dino week! This little guy is named Compsognathus, or Soggy, for short.This is part of my Craft Battles Series of my Next of Kin plush dolls.


Jessie Kenel said...

Lurves your dino Nikki :) I can't believe you kept him hidden from me! The texture on his body is really great and detailed. I might need to know how you accomplished that.

Ducky that looks exactly like Spike! So adorable :) I approve.

Anonymous said...

I love how you guys demo your creations with pics and brief summaries =]

Nikki Nasvytis said...

I got so excited when I saw that there were comments ><.

Jess I pretty much just did perpendicular lines, and I'm finding that making the line more organic (with little waves) does wonders.

Thank you Anon! <3

Jessie Kenel said...

Thank you indeed Anon person! They should get a gift! >w<

Nikki; I must try this... Maybe with fishing line or sewing thread ^_^