Wednesday, August 29

End of Battle 02!

I hope this post is to everyone's liking, I'm a little bit under the weather so we'll be sticking with the basic 'photo and description' type of post today:

1) Jessie

Presenting Nixie! First off I should say I am not known for being able to do human figures or at least proportional human figures! I know there are parts of her that could be better but either way I am super proud :) A (Water) Nixie, for those who are not familiar, is a water spirit who can shape-shift, but generally appears in the human form. The rocks were random rocks I found at the beach and they are PL'd together. That glue is strong! I added in a few driftwood twigs I found while at the beach to the base. The Nixie is made out of a wire armature which is bulked out with tinfoil and masking tape. I used super sculpey clay and acrylic paints. She is airbrushed and I think she turned out fairly well. I forgot to time how long she took.

2) Nikki

This is my nameless dragon! (Edit: I've actually decided to call him Nameless the Dragon, because it sounds cool and reminds me of Toothless) I honestly don't remember how long he took me to make, just that it was a very, very long time. Considering that at this point in time my skills to smooth out the wax are still really undeveloped, I'm glad his texture turned out just how I wanted it to! At one point in time I accidentally snapped a wing in half >< Luckily it was a clean break and a bit of UV glue fixed it right up! I casted him in clear glass, then painted on black india ink. I used a wet paper towel to wipe the major surfaces off, leaving his texture a lot more pronounced than it otherwise would have been :). I don't think I have anything to complain about when it comes to this guy, even his wings fully melted and I had been so worried about them!

3) Panda (so cute!)


For the Mythical Creatures Week, I have sewn a unicorn. This little guy is named Rad, aka Radically Rainbow. He is made of fleece and clouds and rainbows and unicorn things, and wants to be your friend. Magical wish-granting power not included.

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