Tuesday, July 17

Guidelines For Battling!

Jessie insists this isn't necessary just yet, but I'm super excited about the blog, so I'm going to get a little ahead of myself and layout the guidelines for when someone who isn't already one of our friends wants to compete.

1) Your submission must be three dimensional. It cannot be a drawing, but it CAN be embossed, carved into a flat panel, needlework etc. As long as there is some element of 3-dimensionalism then it is acceptable.

2) Currently each competition has a 13 day run time. If you'd like to have your entry posted, please submit it by the 13th day if you can. If you are running behind, we'll be accepting submissions throughout the 13th day that we'll edit into the "Battle End" post.

3) I figure this goes without saying, but we will need you to submit a photo of that final piece if you want us to show it off. (Leave a comment or e-mail craftbattles@gmail.com)

4) When you submit your piece, you need to submit a short blurb about it as well.

"Why?" you ask, because Nikki believes learning how to write about yourself and your work is important. It's a skill used in blogs, galleries, articles, residency applications, grant applications, artist statements, profiles, etc.

If you aren't very enthusiastic about this exercise, Jessie's guidelines are to just list the materials, time spent, techniques used, and your initial thought process.

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