Thursday, January 3

There's A Trend Regarding Organization & Me

Over the past five months I really spent time working with the idea of motivation through organization. I find myself filling another sketch book up with specific art related goals and guidelines, to help me successfully survive the last semester of school. I was going to write about the new sketchbook, but then I realized something . . .

In August I goaled to create one wax mold a day, in preparation for school. (31 Days of Waxes)

In September I spent hours writing out all of my goals, then organizing them into long-term or short-term, work related goals. Then I created little cards so I could reorganize my priorities on the spot. (Organizing Your Goals)

In October I pondered the importance of working through 'silly' ideas, because wonderful creations come from unexpected places. (Silly Ideas)

In November I wrote about how I motivate myself to get up early in the morning, or work late at night, by asking myself whether or not I'll regret that small sacrifice in the future. (. . . In Twenty Years?)

In a flurry of frustration and stress in December I wrote an awful post trying to address the issue of prioritizing. (Crunch Time)

In December I also shared the next step of organizing myself, based off of September's organization ideas, but dedicated to the long-term instead of short-term. (Pushing the Business Plan Forward)

Either a strong trend about desiring to be dedicated to organization and motivation is emerging, or I just haven't had enough things to write about.

And if this blog did not exist, despite the fact that only a handful of people will see it, I would never have realized this extremely important habit that's emerging.

Have you ever realized that your hopeful new habits are working?

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