Friday, January 11

Help An Artist Keep His Eyesight! - Andrew Tarrant

I love websites like indiegogo and kickstarter. I think it's amazing that people have created spaces where others can petition for donations (or 'crowdfunding'). What I usually see has been for research and project development, but this campaign is a little different!

24/25 of these mugs have already been claimed. I really want one too!
Andrew Tarrant is going blind, which would be devastating enough on it's own, but he's also an artist, which is even more terrifying. His donation program is running for another 108 days, in which time he needs to raise another $7780, and he's offering some pretty cool things to those who donate.

Another mug up for grabs!
If you are broke, lazy, or iffy about donating money, you can still lend a helpful hand by sharing his campaign page on one of your social networks! It's not that hard, and you know it would feel great to know that one copy and paste could be enough to help save a fellow artist's sight!

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