Thursday, January 17

Etsy Contest

Everyone loves free advertising, especially fun advertising, so I thought I would make mention of the website Etsy Contest. It can be hard to find good websites to be active with, and the more sites you try to interact with, the faster time slips away; which is why it's very important to pin down some sites that work for you.

Ducky brought this website to my attention today as she had one of her wallets entered in a contest. I used it once before, but stopped (and promptly forgot about it) when I stopped using Etsy.

The premise is simple: Submit your Etsy listings, and the price range or 'theme' that they fit into, and the site will then pair your listing against someone else's, and have people vote for their favorite! Every time you click one favorite, the site generates two more random pairs to choose from, and it goes on and on and on like this, forever.

Try out the site and let us know, do you think it's a good advertising tool?

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