Monday, January 14

89 Days of Glass

Sound familiar?

Since lists and goals were working so well to keep the stress down and productivity up, and my 31 Days of Waxes in August was also really productive, and fun, I thought I'd do it again!

Technically the semester is 103 days (which is NOT a long time), but the first 7 days were stolen from me to work on a lighting project called SHED, and another 7 (or 9) days will be stolen from me over march break when I hopefully go on vacation with my Gran.

Day 1: It's really hard to cut tiny glass hearts, but I think they'll be okay after I fuse them!

So far so good. I made something today, and I cut up glass to make something tomorrow.. Only I'm struggling with the concept of voluntarily going into school before 9am to make sure I have time to set up the kiln. Aside from that though, I probably wouldn't have gotten around to doing tomorrow's project if not for the fact that I'm really scratching my head for 89 ideas! I think I have around 50 right now.

Day 2: There's clear strip glass in there that will make beautiful tree bowls! Trust me.

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