Friday, November 30

The Joy Of Unexpected Freebies!

I hear about people who have scored amazing freebies, including materials, antiques, equipment and common goods. I honestly never thought I would be that lucky, but apparently I was wrong, it can happen to anyone, and it is really, really exciting. I was on the hunt for a sconce, I wanted a wall mount that would fit a piece I made (doing my own wiring would make the piece unsellable). When I approached the owner of a lighting store for help, he told me he didn't want to take any of his beautiful lights apart, but, he said, he did own a lighting surplus store down the street that I could check out.
This light retailed, at liquidation cost, for $200.
I told the employee working there that I was a glass student and showed my light cover off to him, he was absolutely ecstatic. After complimenting my glass (which he kept doing throughout our conversation), he enthusiastically spoke about donating broken pieces to me if I wanted them, or if I thought another glass artist at the school would want them. All we have to do is give credit, that's it. I didn't even believe him when he said that he was going to give me a sconce back for free, and I ended up with a sconce, two hanging lights, and an appointment to return for many, many more freebies.

Liquidation retail price? $600
Every now and then one of a kind experiences happen, so look out for those opportunities!

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