Monday, November 19

Ox Gall: The Key To Clearing Out The Studio

I often like working alone in our little kiln room at school (because it is so danged small), so sometimes it can be quite heartbreaking when another student randomly walks into the room and sets up camp for the day. Whenever I mope about this to my friends they would always joke that I should do something to scare the people off like stare them down or even fart uncontrollably. Of course I would never do those things, but today I realized I am using a liquid so vile that it literally forces everyone out of the room except for me.

Worth the $17.00

So today's short and sweet post is to thank Ox Gall Liquid, the stomach bile that not only magically breaks the surface tension of paint, but also offers me sweet solace whenever I'm feeling introspective while working!

Would you ever clear out your studio if you could too?

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