Wednesday, November 14

Gourd Lamps by Przemek Krawczyński

This is my all time favorite, I adore the optics and space of the light.

I'm sure that everyone has seen the crazy-artistic gourd lamps before, right? If not, pictures are ahead! A remedial Google search tells me that these gourds all belong to the website Calabarte, and are crafted by Przemek Krawczyński.

I've come across these photos a lot during my stumbles, and I always really, really loved them, but couldn't actually derive anything from them for myself. Which is weird, because if I were smart I would have made a derivative glass copy, examined the way the light was affected and made adjustments based on my personal desires - then you lather, rinse and repeat over and over again, and theoretically the end result should be that you have created your own satisfying product. That's how you're supposed to do things anyway (I wonder if anyone does?).

I love that it looks like someone scribbled on the walls and floor.

I clearly did not do that, instead I just kept copies of these awesome gourds on file just-in-case. Today, finally, in an indirect way, my want for a crazy, texture driven lamp has taken shape. It was just an accident when I was fooling around with wax on Monday, but it seems everything I create that is good is just an accident, so I'm not really surprised. Assuming I ever get around to casting my first tile in crystal I'll upload it for the internet to possibly see, in fact, it would be great if someone pressured me to actually get around to casting it as soon as possible (only three weeks left of school, holy crap!).
I think this piece shows a truly ridiculous amount of detail.

This post isn't about my crazy tile (but please, pressure me to finish it), I am just here today to share a very intriguing piece of craft that I hope inspires someone else, since my inspiration from it never really came to fruition.

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