Monday, November 26

Dragon's Den: Season 7, Ep 6: The All Kids Special!

Unfortunately I have to ask you guys to click a clink, which I know nobody likes doing these days. However, I like CBC so I think supporting their website is really important, especially since they are kind enough to offer us all their shows for free (minus the short commercials).

CBC Presents: Dragon's Den (Season 7, Episode 6)

There are actually so many amazing things going on right now that I can't choose what to write about - mostly because I don't have pictures of everything going on. So instead I will be dropping reference to a Dragon's Den episode that features another series of kid's companies! I don't just find these examples of young entrepreneurs motivating, I find they peak my curiousity as well - What would it be like if I had started that young? What would my products have been? That sort of thing.

So, here's hoping you guys love these chicklett entrepreneurs as much as I do!

What do you think about the deals that did or did not go down?

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