Thursday, May 9

Snail Graffiti by Slinkachu

I came across these "Inner City Snails" online, which are painted by a London artist by the name of Slinkachu. I must say, I think this series of work is amazing in an endless number of ways (as long as the paint isn't toxic to the poor guys).

I'm particularly fond of the fact that these snails function as living 'found objects' or 'found art objects' for random passer-byers in the street. These are special because being classified as found objects means that there's no telling who will or will not find these little guys. There aren't many people who do art for the sake of, let alone artists who literally put their art out into the world in this almost ethereal way.

Also, I don't do drugs, but let's be honest, could you imagine being on psychedelics and stumbling upon this?

Do you think there's anything particularly intriguing about this series, or is it just me?

If you didn't spot the link above, Slinkachu's website can be found here.

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