Thursday, May 2

Minimum Wage Machine by Blake Fall-Conroy

I want to do a whole post on minimum wage and income ('real' job vs 'art' job), but it needs some tweaking still, so for now you can enjoy my inspiration for this post!

Here you can enjoy this amazing art piece, "Minimum Wage Machine" by Blake Fall-Conroy. His website says that this machine cranks out a penny every 4.97 seconds, which equates to $7.25 an hour (minimum wage in New York). Theoretically it would be a lot cooler to make your hourly wage by spinning that crank rather than dealing with frustrating customers, but understandably the visualization of your life's work and income is a little bit depressing.

Check out Blake's website here.

I feel like this was supposed to be visiting Toronto and I was going to be really excited, but I guess I must have mixed up this installation with some other one I was looking at on the same day. How awful!

So the question is, would you mind making your income through that machine? The three things you're supposed to need for happiness in a job these days are mastery, autonomy and purpose. Could you find those traits in that job?

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