Friday, May 24

The Netherlands: Giant Flower Sculptures

Well, I'm registered as a business now! Who wants to place bets on how well I'll (not) be able to organize my receipts? I keep wanting to drone on about long, in depth topics that I'm sure no one actually reads through - so to cut myself short I've chosen to just show you some images that need no explanation whatsoever.

So, without further ado, enjoy some photos from Bloemencorso, a festival from Zundert that's been around since 1936 - which begs the question, "Why did I just find out about it in 2013?"

Visually, my favorites are the balloon animals and the giraffes. I have to note that my favorite part about this festival is how different the artist's styles are!

Now here's the important question, how many flowers do you think it takes to make one of these sculptures? Also, how long do you think it takes them to put the flowers on one of these sculptures? I mean, how do you keep them all alive and perfectly healthy? Oh, one more question - did you notice how wonderful all the parade goers are? They're all seated in lovely aisles, instead of being crammed onto a busy sidewalk!

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