Friday, October 12

End of Fall Battle!

1. Nikki
This is actually, sadly, only the second blown glass pumpkin I've ever made, I was a very, very poor student last year (sorry guys, I'll make up for it!). I recieved what turned out to be a clear and unexpectedly cold pumpkin stem bit, which is why it's so tiny, and frankly adorable - in my opinion anyway. I absolutely adore this, and the clear stem just makes me think of Cinderella for some reason!

Well the end of this battle is late, and I think also very telling for how difficult the future will be. It could just be that the time we alott ourselves is too short, but the fact of the matter is, I think both Jessie and I find it very difficult to balance art with something else, even if it's just one piddily sculpture. I suppose the midterms and due dates that we're struggling with now will one day be something like our every day (or at least our average) work life, and that's a little bit scary.

I myself am an art student, so surely I should be able to balance art with art! The due dates that matter are for academic classes though, while the due dates for glass related work tend to fall to 'end of the semester critiques'. Yes everyone in the studio is always working and creating, but it almost seems harder without a strict regime to follow.

In our Independent Research Paper course the teacher is trying to avoid this 'leave it to the last minute / get caught off guard / be less productive than you should be' kind of unfortunate circumstance by setting a schedule for us. This week was the rough one paragraph draft for our proposal, next week it will be refined, two weeks from then we will have a 750 word rough draft, and ultimately we'll have a 3000 word paper.

When this blog started out I was extremely excited and got far far ahead of myself, I really wanted to make it stranger friendly from the get go, to invite everyone in to come and enjoy the journey of art with me, but I like the direction that I think it's taking now. I don't think Jessie and I should worry so much about trying to guess what posts would appease our audience as we should just be posting about our journeys, and especially about those moments when we recognize a trial that must be dealt with (be it a one time issue or a life long one). At least, I enjoy writing like this. I think the post about Goals has recieved more likes than any other (and that's one of the few ways we have to judge the popularity of posts), so that has to mean this is the right direction. Besides, the most exciting thing to me is to be able to share the information that I learn in school with people who aren't lucky enough to be there (can you tell that I really, really like school? Ahem).

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Jessie Kenel said...

As you will notice my sculpture is not up there.. because I haven't done it! School takes priority over the blog sadly. I will probably be MIA for the next week or so as I am dealing with assignments and midterms. I am overly exhausted and super frustrated :P but yah. Wish me luck <3