Monday, October 8

What Is Kiln Casting?

Also known as, "I don't get it, what the hell is kiln casting?"

This is by no means an in depth tutorial, but it hopefully allows people to better understand the process at a glance.

Step 1: Create a mold out of clay or wax.
Some tiny bowl molds. The bottom halves are 'reservoirs' that will hold the glass. Since they are attached to the table they will also be the only area the plaster doesn't touch (and therefore the opening).

Step 2: Pour a mixture of plaster and silica over your clay/wax positive.
(This just looks like a big white cylinder, hence the lack of images to draw from.)

Step 3: Remove the clay/wax from the now solid plaster mold, replace with glass shards.

The mold has been flipped over. Chunks of crystal are sitting inside the reservoirs.

Step 4: Melt it.
After a full melt. I think the mold process is a lot easier to understand after seeing the broken away plaster and the upside down bowl. 

Step 5: Remove the plaster. Choose to freak out in horror or joy at the result. Preceed to spend one to ten hours coldworking / polishing it.
The final product, six tiny bowls that are stacked on top of each other!

And there you have it, some images to cover the basics of kiln casting! If anyone is having trouble grasping the concept still, please let me know! This seems very straight forward to me because I do it, but if it confuses other people than it's a very bad tutorial!

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