Saturday, October 13

Battle 06: Start!

Here's the theme for Battle 06, if you can't guess what sort of generic fun it will be, then we are disappointed in you!

Theme: Halloween!

Yup, the computer is still broken

There is a particular reason why the theme is Halloween, and it's not because we love the holiday and think holidays deserve special awesome attention! No, it's because this theme is large enough that I dearly hope I can persuade some friends to enter the battle!

If you are making;

- Your own costume
- A creatively carved pumpkin
- A candy sculpture (someone please do this!)
- Some production pieces to sell
- A piece of art with Halloween themed colors

You can go on ahead and enter! Most artists seem to enjoy Halloween, so I'm operating under the assumption that we'll all be making Halloween themed art anyway!

I am doing, I'm not sure yet, hopefully a bowl!

1 comment:

Jessie Kenel said...

I am falling behiiiiind! I have no clue what I will do for this :(