Monday, December 10

Stress Reliever

When critiques are only days away everyone gets really, really stressed. On Sunday I walked into my classroom to find a bunny staring at me from the corner of the room.

Two of my classmates, Amy and Paul, borrowed their roommate's bunny to help everyone unwind. It was amazing, I didn't even want to work, and lots of people insisted that they had to keep taking 'Bunny Breaks' or else the poor bunny would be alone - and that just wouldn't be fair!

I definitely think all art studios should have fuzzy mascots to keep everyone happy.


Jessie Kenel said...

I need a stress bunny about now!
Exciting news.. tomorrow is my last day, then I will have to come up with some blog posts.

Nikki Nasvytis said...

Finally! Your posts were the most popular by far. And then we can actually battle again too!