Monday, December 17

Crafty Christmas Gifts

It's Christmas time, so the busy crafter has to make last minute crafts for gifts! Mine, unfortunately, didn't go perfectly because I used scrap glass and didn't know the melting points. These did make me realize though, that this would be a really fun workshop idea. In fact, while making them I recruited a first year who wanted to make some fused name plates for herself too!

Some need to be glued together because they came out in two pieces - oops!

For anyone interested, these fused name plates ultimately went to 810C for 15 minutes. This was more than enough for my white SY96 glass (and white is the hardest to melt). Whatever that stripey glass is, it's magically tough.

And in case Jessi reads this, please come back to me soon! I miss you on this blog! (She is so darn busy.)

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