Friday, June 14

Galleries and Boutiques

I just wanted to say that I had a bit of a weird conversation recently. I attend Artist Alley in Hamilton every Saturday, it's $20 for a table on Locke Street, so it's totally worth it. I as approached by a great gal that I've met there, and she asked me if I was interested in being a part of the gallery/boutique that her and her friends are opening. Of course I said yes, but that's when things got a little non-normal.

They're running their business in such a way that they wanted to charge me $130 a month for space in their store. I don't know if that's on top of a commission, I would hope not. Either way, I couldn't do it. I much prefer galleries that take commissions, and boutiques that either purchase your work, or take it on consignment.

I hope she doesn't take offense to it, because she's a rather nice lady. If I had $130 a month to risk, I'd rather risk it on an expensive show. As a newbie, I just couldn't trust strangers to sell my work for me, especially since I have a low price point, and I'm sure shared art stores can get a little bit competitive!

What do you think, was I in the wrong? Is $130/month a great deal to get your stuff in brick and mortar stores? Or is it taking advantage of already starving artists, and is commission and consignment a safer bet?

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