Saturday, February 16

Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

The Bangkok Art and Culture Centre is an amazing 11 storey building that features galleries, gourmet cafes, create-your-own craft shops, niche bookstores, and even a pop-out bike shop! I'm not even sure how a pop-out store works, but I'm loving it!

I really wish I had something like this nearby to hit up, it would be much more entertaining than the usual mall! Apparently there's a few of these venues out there, so I wonder why I've never heard of them before now?

I also think that the 'mallesque' atmosphere of the art centre presents culture in a way that would be very attractive to children and young adults. After all, the stuffyness of some museums can really kill the atmosphere, don't you agree?
The official article I checked out was here on Nation Multimedia.

Do you think 11 storeys is a bit excessive, or should North America start taking some notes?

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